Guitar Dominance (Asia)


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    Guitar Dominance (Asia) Leviathan

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Review Text This is the debut from neo-classical guitarist Joe Stump. Released on Leviathan Records, a label that also featured fellow shredder David T. Chastain, it sounds like something from the '80s rather than the '90s. Surely, though, there were still teenagers around in the early to mid-'90s who aspired to be the fastest guitarist in the world rather than the next grunge or rap star. As long as that theory holds true, there will always be guitarists like Joe Stump and recordings with silly titles like Guitar Dominance. What Stump lacks in originality he makes up for in technique, but his blatant purloining of Yngwie Malmsteen's style and licks is embarrassing and unnecessary. The lackluster production quality doesn't help either, which all add up to a rather mediocre debut. Still, there was enough technique displayed here to establish Joe Stump as one of the premier shredders of the '90s. ~ Robert Taylor

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Prince of Darkness - 1:08
  2. 2. In for the Kill - 6:02
  3. 3. Paganini's Revenge - 5:22
  4. 4. Strat Attack - 3:11
  5. 5. Ultraviolence - 7:36
  6. 6. Jetaime - 5:21
  7. 7. Behind the 8 Ball - 6:13
  8. 8. Survival of the Fastest - 7:24
  9. 9. Breakneck Boogie - 5:03
  10. 10. Farewell to Truth - 7:30

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