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Review Text To anyone who watched The Lawrence Welk Show as a child, Let's Polka 'Round will conjure up long-buried memories. Polka, after all, doesn't get a lot of radio or TV airplay these days. Like Welk, Jimmy Sturr's form of polka borders on easy listening, and even when a top-notch player like Béla Fleck makes a guest appearance on "Polka on the Banjo," the music, with mannered vocals and pop-friendly arrangements, is cheesy. In fact, guest appearances reinforce the novelty of Let's Polka 'Round. Boots Randolph -- remember him? -- shows up with his sax on "Yakety Sax," and good old boy Charlie Daniels sings a limp version of "I'm Walkin" with the help of a full-fledged polka orchestra. The production style harks back to the 1960s when trendsetters like Herb Alpert ruled, and cheesy background vocals and overblown arrangements blended together to create an ambitious version of Muzak. Perhaps all of this is meant in good fun, and undoubtedly anyone who's listened to Sturr or Welk's previous albums will know what to expect. But to the uninitiated and those who sat at their parents' feet as the Welk Show played, Let's Polka 'Round will seem more like camp than quality music. ~ Ronnie D. Lankford Jr.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Polka Round - 2:18
  2. 2. Night Train to Memphis - 3:38
  3. 3. Lawn Party - 2:02
  4. 4. Polka on the Banjo - 4:34
  5. 5. Yakety Sax - 2:19
  6. 6. Laura's - 2:22
  7. 7. Together You and I - 2:23
  8. 8. Charlie Was a Boxer - 3:36
  9. 9. I'm Walkin' - 3:40
  10. 10. You Came into My Life - 4:11
  11. 11. Lucky Seven - 2:11
  12. 12. Tavern in the Town - 2:07
  13. 13. Little Felix - 3:20

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