Somebody's Child


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    Somebody's Child Highnote Records, Inc.

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Review Text When you count up the years and numbers, few if any authentic jazz guitarists have sustained as long, consistent, fruitful or interesting a recording career as Ponder. His many efforts for the Muse and High Note labels have set high standards for musicality with integrity, and this recording leaves no doubt as to his continued excellence. This is as diverse a jazz recording, leaving pop trappings completely aside, as Ponder has ever conceived. He does great modern jazz works such as a picture-perfect read of Woody Shaw's mainstream classic "Moontrane," the Victor Feldman/Miles Davis hard bop evergreen "Seven Steps to Heaven," replete with a witty off minor repeated lead chorus, and his second attempt (first done on Something to Ponder) for the cerebral Pharoah Sanders modal circular incantation, a near ten minute take of "The Creator Has a Master Plan." For someone closely identified as a good ol' soul-jazz plectrist, longtime fans will be pleased about the opening track "Kickin' Da Bobo," a reference to prison slang. There's a Latin variation of the usually balladic "Wild Is the Wind," a main version and reprise of Ponder's poignant "Somebody's Child," and pianist Sonny Barbato leading, with Ponder's rhythm guitar setting up Bill Lee's cute "Who Will Be the One?" from a film of son Spike Lee. There's a Brazilian flavored guitar duo, more ballads including the beautiful standard "Too Late Now," three different drummers including producer George Heid and Cleveland's Greg Bandy roiling rhythms during "Creator," and Ponder's fluid, dynamic guitar leading his group of fellow Pittsburghians all the way. While those quite familiar with Ponder should enjoy the broad-based approach of this recording from top to bottom, even they could be surprised how thoroughly enjoyable this date is. ~ Michael G. Nastos

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Kickin' Da Bobo - 5:49
  2. 2. Moontrane - 6:13
  3. 3. Too Late Now - 8:14
  4. 4. Wild Is the Wind - 7:17
  5. 5. Seven Steps to Heaven - 5:13
  6. 6. Somebody's Child - 4:38
  7. 7. Who Will Be the One - 5:02
  8. 8. Somebody's Child Reprise - 3:13
  9. 9. There Will Never Be Another You - 4:33
  10. 10. Creator Has a Master Plan - 5:38

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