Tribute To Brother Duets


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    Tribute To Brother Duets Pinecastle

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Review Text Jesse McReynolds and Charles Whitstein kick off A Tribute to Brother Duets with a poignant tribute to Jesse's own brother, Jim McReynolds. Indeed, "Gone But Not Forgotten," like many other songs on the album, dig deep into the fabric of country music, evoking memories of the past tinged with sorrow. It's impossible to listen to songs like "Remember Me" without thinking of the McReynolds brothers' long partnership, and even a number of the love songs on the album recall the ties between the two brothers. A Tribute to Brother Duets is also exactly what it says, a tribute to country music greats like the Bailes Brothers, the Louvin Brothers, the Delmore Brothers, and many others. Indeed, these were the recordings that the McReynolds cut their teeth on during the '40s. Jesse McReynolds' and Charles Whitstein's voices blend well together, and the choice of songs -- including "Blues Stay Away from Me," "Kentucky," and "When I Stop Dreaming" -- are all excellent. Of course today it would be fairly easy to trace and buy most of the original recordings, but A Tribute to Brother Duets offers a one-stop overview for those unfamiliar with one of country music's most enduring styles. It also serves as a nice tribute to Jim McReynolds and the brothers' 55-year partnership. ~ Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Gone But Not Forgotten - 4:21
  2. 2. Remember Me (When the Candlelights Are Gleaming) - 3:12
  3. 3. Rose of My Heart - 3:56
  4. 4. Are You Missing Me - 3:04
  5. 5. When I Stop Dreaming - 3:17
  6. 6. Blues Stay Away from Me - 3:04
  7. 7. White Dove - 3:42
  8. 8. Kentucky - 3:08
  9. 9. Somebody Loves You Darling - 3:06
  10. 10. That's All I Want from You - 3:41
  11. 11. Which One Is to Blame - 3:55
  12. 12. What Would You Give - 3:01

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