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    If I May Comedy Dynamics

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Review Text A sometimes elusive but steady contributor to the New York comedy scene as well as to Hollywood, comedian/actress/writer Janeane Garofalo shows the mettle of over two decades in standup in the rapid-fire If I May, her first special since 2010's If You Will. It premiered on the NBCUniversal streaming service Seeso in October 2016, with a Comedy Dynamics release following two months later. Garofalo uses her aptitude for off-the-cuff rants and tangents to an unknowable degree on the 65-minute set, seamlessly balancing silly, biting, and self-depreciating observations at screwball-comedy pace. The openly liberal comedian works in a few digs at Republicans here, but politics aren't the topic at hand as she focuses instead on The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead, a utopian bead store, and her fantasy of going to the beauty chain Sephora with the Brontë sisters. ~ Marcy Donelson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Little Housekeeping
  2. 2. Speaking
  3. 3. Messages for the Youth
  4. 4. Musings of a Bully
  5. 5. Heritage
  6. 6. Gluten
  7. 7. Saying Yes to Life
  8. 8. Babies
  9. 9. Kardashians
  10. 10. Life Without Cell Phones
  11. 11. Travel Companion
  12. 12. James Spader
  13. 13. Hunger Games
  14. 14. Get Tough
  15. 15. Beadlist
  16. 16. Menaings of Citizenship
  17. 17. Business Idea
  18. 18. Commercials
  19. 19. House Hunters
  20. 20. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
  21. 21. Tales From the Nordstrom Rack
  22. 22. Sephora
  23. 23. Strong Ending

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