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    Jacob Miller 810 VP Records
    1. Jacob Miller Lives On 208 VP Records
    2. Jacob Miller 810 VP Records

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Review Text Released the same year the reggae singer's life was cut short by a car accident, the 1980 set Jacob Miller Lives On is one of those hastily thrown-together compilations that can't help but succeed thanks to the rich source material. At least that's the way the reggae faithful will see it, since almost everything here is pulled from the 12" releases Miller recorded for producer and label owner Joe Gibbs. The "& Friends" the 17 North Parade label wisely added to their 2008 reissue refers to the DJs, toasters, and dub players who appear on these extended cuts. Big names like I-Roy, Welton Irie, and Augustus Pablo take over after Miller's sweet and powerful voice sings the tunes, and classics like "I Am a Natty," "I'm Just a Dread," and "Keep on Knocking" get to stretch their legs and extend their winning grooves. Since it's not the most artist-centered compilation, it's not the best introduction, either, but collectors will appreciate obtaining these hard to find mixes, especially since the 2000 collection I'm Just a Dread -- the same album with bonus tracks, a different running order, and duller sound -- has fallen out of print. Even if North Parade's reissue sounds brighter and fuller, the surface noise of the original 12" discs is still very noticeable and, in the case of damaged cuts like "Fly Away," very distracting. ~ David Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I Am a Natty/Knotty Knots [Special Extended Mix] - 6:38
  2. 2. Shakey Girl [Special Extended Mix] - 7:19
  3. 3. I'm Just a Dread/One Shut [Original 12' Disco Mix] - 6:28
  4. 4. Keep on Knocking/This Old Man [Original 12' Disco Mix] - 5:20
  5. 5. Keep on Running [Original 12' Disco Mix] - 6:04
  6. 6. Backyard Movements/ Fussing and Fighting [Original 12' Disco Mix] - 7:30
  7. 7. Fly Away - 3:26
  8. 8. Villain - 3:21
  9. 9. Above Rocks - 3:40
  10. 10. Front Page - 4:16

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