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    Fabric 23 0805 Fabric

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Review Text With several notable mixes behind him and an equally successful side project, it would make perfect sense to have radio presenter/electronic renaissance man Ivan Smagghe step up to the plate and knock one out of the park for the continually amazing Fabric mix series. This edition starts off promising enough, with enough analog synths and grimy, distorted basslines to fill a record store, and Smagghe has the good sense to shake things up every which way between electro, minimal techno, indie rock, and back again in a near seamless fusion. But the dirt underneath the fingernails isn't as heavy this time around, as Smagghe lightens the normally heavy and intense load of his DJ mixes and club sets for a savvier, pop-friendly experience. It's by no means as jaw-dropping or thought-provoking as his previous excursions, but fans of his style will not be disappointed. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ride
  2. 2. Your Place or Mine
  3. 3. Frau (Pandullo vs. und)
  4. 4. Vertigo vs. Cha!
  5. 5. U Can't Stop
  6. 6. Heiden
  7. 7. Blood
  8. 8. Gekloppel Continues
  9. 9. Snake Tartare
  10. 10. No Wow
  11. 11. Jefferson and Braeside
  12. 12. Tear Up
  13. 13. Just F**King
  14. 14. Carnage, OK!
  15. 15. Budapest

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