Ice Grill


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Two diamond thieves realize that conning the mob is a dangerous and highly unintelligent undertaking in this urban crime thriller directed by John Stu. The larcenous duo, who have dubbed themselves the Ice Grill Bandits, are approached by a local mob boss who wants to bring them in on what may the biggest job in memory. Agreeing to split the profits with the gangster, the bandits proceed with the plan and the heist, but decide to keep the loot for themselves. Once word reaches the crime head that he's been swindled, he orders the bandits' immediate deaths. Meanwhile, the Ice Grill Bandits discover that unloading their stash will be nearly impossible, since all of their dealers are unwilling to be a part of the swindle -- mostly because they all work for that same mob boss. Now just trying to stay alive, the thieves are forced to find another way to unload the diamonds and find a way out of their perilous predicament. ~ Ryan Shriver, Rovi

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York Home Video
1 hour, 38 minutes
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