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    Hunting Party Warner Bros.

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Review Text Breaking away from Rick Rubin, with whom they had a three-album association, Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda co-produce this time around and retreat from the moody electronica that characterized many of those records. Instead, The Hunting Party is designed as a return to rock, evoking the group's earliest records. Reconnecting with the past is a standard move for a heavy band 15 years into its career, but The Hunting Party is effectively aggressive, partially due to how far into the ether Linkin Park strayed on Living Things and, especially, A Thousand Suns. Written and recorded over the course of a year, The Hunting Party nevertheless packs a visceral punch. Hints of the murky, meditative darkness linger -- especially on "Until It's Gone," which builds upon its atmosphere to reach melodramatic heights; "Final Masquerade" is subtler in its approach -– but there's good reason why Page Hamilton and Tom Morello both guest on the record: this is a grinding, metallic workout. Far from sounding as if they're grasping at straws, Linkin Park seem rejuvenated, proving there is value in the cliché of returning to roots. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Keys to the Kingdom
  2. 2. All for Nothing
  3. 3. Guilty All the Same
  4. 4. Summoning
  5. 5. War
  6. 6. Wastelands
  7. 7. Until It's Gone
  8. 8. Rebellion
  9. 9. Mark the Graves
  10. 10. Drawbar
  11. 11. Final Masquerade
  12. 12. Line in the Sand

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