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    Fabric Live 05 0802 Fabric

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Review Text What greets the eye on the track listing of Howie B's contribution to the Fabriclive series is less impressive than what greets the ear once the disc is heard, which is a testament to the man's mixing skills. In a mix of funky breaks and big beat, Howie B gives these tracks -- most of which have a cinematic flair to them -- plenty of breathing room and adds elements taken from other sources on top (some spoken word from Lydia Lunch, the crazy screams from Ennio Morricone's main title for Navaho Joe, etc.). Excepting the low-slung dub of Prince Far I's "Foundation Stepper" and the paranoid drum'n'bass of Blame's "Music Takes You," the track selections date from two years of the mix's release year and hit a peak with Howie B's own jittery, sped-up remix of Garbage's sexed-up "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)." As creative as this mix is, there's no denying that it lacks the musical depth and diversity of B's Another Late Night. ~ Andy Kellman

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Fish
  2. 2. Neuroscan
  3. 3. Word
  4. 4. Human Animal
  5. 5. Daydream in Blue
  6. 6. Music Takes You
  7. 7. Cherry Lips
  8. 8. Donuts and Coffee
  9. 9. Beautiful
  10. 10. Clone the Clowns
  11. 11. Hindoos and Hairdoos
  12. 12. Beyond
  13. 13. Foundation Stepper

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