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Review Text Stephanie Mills' majestic voice warrants quality material and production, and Home meets those terms. The first single, if not a ballad then a quiet storm regular, was "Something in the Way You Make Me Feel." While the single is funky and sleek, Mills sultry delivery gives the track that sexy appeal. It landed at the number one spot on the Billboard R&B charts. The second single was the title track, "Home." Originally featured in the hit Broadway show The Wiz, which Mills starred in for five years, "Home" has a warm, intimate charm. Mills exhibits superb vocality, augmented by a dynamic arrangement and the harmonious background vocals of Take 6. The song is simply chilling. It, too, made its home the top spot on the charts. The third single was the soulfully arranged "Comfort of a Man." Mills ringing vocals carried this single to the Top Ten, where it came to rest at number eight. "Real Love" was the fourth single. It too has that soulful arrangement. It managed only to peak at number 53. However, it's still a beautiful song. The CD features three bonus tracks: "Love Hasn't Been Easy on Me," "I'm More Than a Woman," and an extended version of "Something in the Way You Make Me Feel." The first two are bona fide ballads. ~ Craig Lytle

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel) - 5:28
  2. 2. Real Love [Extended Vocal Version] - 7:49
  3. 3. Home - 5:27
  4. 4. So Good, So Right - 6:04
  5. 5. Comfort of a Man - 6:49
  6. 6. I Come to You - 5:30
  7. 7. Good Girl Gone Bad - 5:47
  8. 8. Ain't No Cookin' - 5:15
  9. 9. Fast Talk - 5:09
  10. 10. Love Hasn't Been Easy on Me - 5:46
  11. 11. I'm More Than a Woman - 6:30
  12. 12. Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel) - 9:23

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