Heart of the Hills


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Natali (Edith Strickland), a Hindu, marries an Englishman, Sir Christopher Madgwick (Bigelow Cooper). They have a daughter who is kidnapped by Natali's former suitor Sani (George Wright). The girl is handed over to be trained as a vestal virgin. Natali dies and Madgwick returns to England, taking with him the precious ruby that Natali had snatched from Sani in a struggle. Years pass; Sir Christopher remarries and has two more children who mistreat him and Sani dies, revealing to the priests the location of the ruby, which he stole from them in the first place. The priests send Hester, the daughter of Sir Christopher (Mabel Trunnelle) to get it, but Sani writes him in advance, telling him to hold onto the gem. In England, Hester falls in love with her father's business associate (and former suitor of her half-sister), Redgell (Conway Tearle). Sir Christopher dies shortly thereafter and Hester is suspected of poisoning him. An Indian servant of the old man (Herbert Prior) clears up the situation, however, leaving the way clear for Hester and Redgell to be together. This film was adapted from the novel The Girl of the East by David Whitelaw. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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