Space Bandits (Uk)


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    Space Bandits (Uk) Atomhenge
    1. Space Bandits (Uk) Atomhenge
    2. Space Bandits (Jpn) JVC Japan

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Review Text Many Hawkwind fans have never heard this album, and that's a shame because it is one of the strongest and most consistent discs of the band's career. Yes, it is a little weird hearing a female voice singing Hawkwind cuts, but Bridgette Wishart has a great voice and truly captures the Hawkwind spirit. The tracks are some of the most multi-dimensional and dynamic to come from the group, and the presence of violinist Simon House lends a bit of a Hall of the Mountain Grill texture in places. With a disc this strong it is hard to pick standouts, but a couple of pieces do rise above the rest. The album-opener "Images" is pure hard-edged Hawkwind with some wonderful changes. The violin really adds a lot to the number. The environmentally conscious prog ballad "Wings" is definitely another winner. At last check this one was out of print, but if you are a Hawkwind fan and can find it, by all means pick it up. You will not be disappointed. ~ Gary Hill

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