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Review Text One of the most seminal and influential releases of late '80s, Guy's self-titled debut album did more than its part to popularize new jack swing, a style that would soon become inescapable on urban contemporary radio. Teddy Riley didn't actually invent new jack swing with Guy -- he'd already gotten the ball rolling on Keith Sweat's 1987 debut Make It Last Forever -- but this album did more than any other to make it so incredibly popular in the R&B world. With their tough blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Gap Band-influenced funk, hits like "Groove Me" and "Teddy's Jam" defined new jack swing and served as the blueprint for countless new jack recordings in the late '80s and early to mid-'90s. One shameless Guy clone after another would pop up on urban radio, the vast majority of whom weren't even a fraction as inventive as Riley's distinctive trio. For anyone with even a casual interest in new jack, this CD is absolutely essential. [MCA issued a two-disc edition of the album in 2007.] ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Groove Me - 5:48
  2. 2. Teddy's Jam - 4:30
  3. 3. Don't Clap...Just Dance - 5:59
  4. 4. You Can Call Me Crazy - 4:59
  5. 5. Piece of My Love - 5:21
  6. 6. I Like - 5:50
  7. 7. 'Round and 'Round (Merry Go 'Round of Love) - 4:07
  8. 8. Spend the Night - 4:23
  9. 9. Goodbye Love - 5:55
  10. 10. My Business - 4:50

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