All The Girls In The World Beware


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    All The Girls In The World Beware Audio Fidelity

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Review Text Grand Funk Railroad continued to move further into the pop/rock mainstream with this hit album. They are aided considerably in this aim by the ultra-slick production of Jimmy Ienner, a producer best known for his work with the Raspberries: songs like "Runnin'" and "Memories" boast rich yet punchy horn and string arrangements that beef up the group's sound without softening its energetic edge. The album's combination of high-gloss production and the band's energy resulted in some impressive hits: "Some Kind of Wonderful" is an exuberant, organ-drenched soul song that highlight's the group's strong harmonies while "Bad Time" mixes a delicate, string-laden melody with a pulsing beat from the rhythm section to create a one-of-a-kind power ballad. None of the other songs on All the Girls in the World Beware have hooks as compelling as these hits, but they are energetically performed and often push the band's sound in interesting new directions: "Memories" is a moody ballad with a country-styled melody and the title track is a humorous portrait of a would-be lady-killer delivered over a funky Santana-esque jam driven by lightning-fast organ riffs and congas. "Good and Evil" is another big surprise, a moody mid-tempo track whose creepy distorted vocals and gothic organ effects create a sound reminiscent of mid-'70s Alice Cooper. In the end, casual listeners would probably be better off seeking this album's hits on a compilation, but All the Girls in the World Beware will definitely appeal to any Grand Funk Railroad fan who enjoyed We're an American Band or Shinin' On. ~ Donald A. Guarisco

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