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    Glen Rocks Bear Family Records

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Review Text One of California's original rockabilly rebels, Glen Glenn (born Glen Troutman) was a Missouri-born kid who moved to the West Coast with his family when he was 14. Glenn grew up on jumpin' country sounds and R&B, and learned to make with the bop after Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran's early hits pointed the way. While the hillbilly side of Glenn's musical heritage never entirely escaped him, his twang-infused rock & roll sides have become prized items among rockabilly fanatics, and with good reason -- he had a great voice, an attitude that suggested he was a nice guy who also knew how to have a hepcat's good time (not unlike Ricky Nelson with the wild factor upped a few points), and his guitar-pickin' pal Gary Lambert sure knew his way around a fretboard. Glen Rocks is a typically well-assembled collection from Bear Family that pulls together most of Glenn's best vintage sides along with some rare demos and radio sessions, including the coolly stripped-down rockabilly of "Everybody's Movin'," the proto-teen idol stylings of "Kathleen," the high-attitude boogie of "If I Had Me a Woman," a prescient county-rock recording in "I Didn't Have the Sense to Go," and covers of "Be-Bop-A-Lula" and "That's Alright Mama" (the former with a hot pedal steel solo), which prove Glenn had the stuff to stand up to the competition. While Glenn has recorded some latter-day albums after he was rediscovered by British rockabilly fans, Glen Rocks has his prime original recordings in one handy package along with a fact-filled and richly illustrated 68-page booklet (featuring a biographical essay by guitarist Deke Dickerson), and if you want to hear the man at his best, this is definitely the place to go. ~ Mark Deming

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Everybody's Movin' (Era 1061)
  2. 2. If I Had Me a Woman
  3. 3. Don't You Love Me
  4. 4. I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away (Era 1061)
  5. 5. Baby, Let's Play House
  6. 6. One Cup of Coffee & A Cigarette (Era 1074)
  7. 7. Hold Me Baby
  8. 8. Laurie Ann (Era 1074)
  9. 9. Kitty Cat
  10. 10. Blue Jeans & Boys Shirt (Era 1086)
  11. 11. Be-Bop-a-Lula
  12. 12. Jack & Jill Boogie
  13. 13. Would Ya (Era 1086)
  14. 14. It Rains, Rain
  15. 15. That's All Right
  16. 16. Kathaleen
  17. 17. John Henry
  18. 18. One Cup of Coffee & A Cigarette (Alternate)
  19. 19. Would Ya (Alternate)
  20. 20. Everybody's Movin' (Alternate)
  21. 21. Blue Jeans & A Boys Shirt (Alternate)
  22. 22. Goofin' Around (Dore 523)
  23. 23. Suzie Green From Abilene (Dore 523)
  24. 24. I Didn't Have the Sense to Go (Dore 717)
  25. 25. I'll Never Stop Loving You (Dore 717)

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