Gilles Peterson Digs 1105


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    Gilles Peterson Digs 1105 Luv N' Haight

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Review Text Global radio's soul, jazz, and funk equivalent to John Peel, Gilles Peterson has a worldwide cult following whose members relish every exclusive, white-label, and hard to find super-obscure rarity he unearths. Whether it be a private pressing of an unknown Afro-beat group that never made another 12" again or a Japanese funk group that relocated to Nebraska, released three 7" records, and then called it quits after moving to France, chances are that Peterson has the record in mint condition and knew of it before anyone else did. So it's in this spirit of obscurity and preciousness that Ubiquity invited Peterson to assemble yet another compilation of obscurities that few on the planet have ever heard, but in the label's opinion simply need to be reexamined. The product of some deep digging at Peterson's Brownswood estate (he has a house just for his record collection), this special 16-song suite features some of Peterson's most obscure records and some of his most requested radio fan favorites. The mix, of course, is a highly tasteful and eclectic blend of soul, fusion, funk, and jazz from artists spanning the globe. Most of these artists are treasures buried in time's sand, save for Jon Lucien, but even his contribution is so obscure that many people are unlikely to be aware of its existence. Frantically paced but wonderfully constructed, Brownswood is one of Peterson's best collections to date, and further proof that he's always five steps ahead of everyone else in the game of music collecting. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Didn't I - 3:28
  2. 2. Tribute to Wes - 2:22
  3. 3. He Does It Better - 4:33
  4. 4. Ya Ya Cha Cha - 2:25
  5. 5. Search for the Inner Self - 4:47
  6. 6. Perfect Day - 4:32
  7. 7. Get Off the Ground - 2:07
  8. 8. Higher Ground - 4:43
  9. 9. Just as We - 3:25
  10. 10. Lover's Theme - 4:49
  11. 11. Kingdom Within You - 6:09
  12. 12. Just Me 'N' You - 6:44
  13. 13. Prayer - 15:44
  14. 14. Ode to Africa - 9:05
  15. 15. March of the Goober Woobers - 5:25
  16. 16. Circles - 2:17

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