Everyone's Out To Get Me


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    Everyone's Out To Get Me Fearless Records

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Review Text With a sound that mixes the punishing low-end attack of extreme metal with the passion of post-hardcore and goth imagery, Get Scared are kind of a hard band to pin down, a fact they continue to prove on their sophomore album, Everyone's Out to Get Me. Most surprising is that the album doesn't really give any hint to the behind-the scenes drama surrounding the departure and subsequent return of singer Nicholas Matthews, who parted ways with the band after the release of Best Kind of Mess, only to return a year later. It would be easy for this album to feel shakier than their earlier work, but Matthews has seamlessly reintegrated himself back into the band well enough that it feels like he never left. Everyone's Out to Get Me is a solid follow-up from the Utah band, and if they can perform like this after a tumultuous couple of years, who knows what they'll be able to accomplish if things go smoothly. ~ Gregory Heaney

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Told Ya So - 4:31
  2. 2. For You - 4:40
  3. 3. My Nightmare - 4:54
  4. 4. Badly Broken - 3:23
  5. 5. At My Worst - 5:39
  6. 6. Get Out While You Can - 4:40
  7. 7. God Damn Liar - 3:08
  8. 8. Us in Motion - 4:02
  9. 9. Cunning, Not Convincing - 3:26
  10. 10. Strangest Stranger - 4:35
  11. 11. Stumbling in Your Footsteps - 4:00
  12. 12. When We Were Strong - 4:45

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