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    Model 0103 Iodine

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Review Text The five songs on The Model EP are equal parts Foo Fighters and Drive Like Jehu, wrapped together with some rock drive all their own. What pops out is a band who sounds surprisingly like they might become the next generation's Sense Field, with remarkable melodious vocals and a hard rock sensibility. While toying with guitar solos and straightforward drum beats, the song structures are easily rock-related, but Garrison has taken all their knowledge from their hardcore backgrounds and infused it into these tunes to make a solid sampler of what post-hardcore should be. One of the few bands that actually gets better with each release. ~ Kurt Morris

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Let's Fight - 3:08
  2. 2. We Watch the World Come Down - 3:03
  3. 3. Only One - 3:24
  4. 4. Patient Mouth - 4:37
  5. 5. Sound - 5:21

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