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Review Text Joey Aparicio- Vocals, Guitar Eric Berkowitz - Bass Justin Neighbour - Drums Tim Quick - Guitar The New Jersey 4-piece's name is a contradiction that came from a song written in the band's early days. "When you hear Full Out Freak you think crazy, insane, off the charts, out there, etc," explains bassist Eric. "We are a band that thrives on just being ourselves. We write straight up, in your face, pop rock songs. We liked the irony of people thinking Full Out Freak is going to be this out of control band, when in fact our music is all about melody, structure and feel." From the 3 year old version of vocalist Joey, singing at his parent's kitchen table, to an adolescent Eric, slapping his bass to the sounds of Aerosmith, to the 12 year old drummer Justin, trying his damnedest to twirl his sticks like Tommy Lee, this band has been 'at it' their whole lives. "It never occurred to me NOT to do it," says Joey when asked about what drew him to music as a career. Eric echoes that by adding "At an early age music grabbed me tightly and never let me go." Songwriting is a collaborative process for Full Out Freak. "I always want to complement everything Joey does and try to make the drums speak in a way that best captures the feeling, vibe or emotion that he wants to convey," says Justin. Those emotions - particularly on songs like "Photograph" - are universal sentiments. The track deals with the disappointment in trying to re-connect with people you had to leave behind to pursue your dreams. The thrust behind "After All" is summed up by the outro - "sometimes late is better than never." The newly featured song "Loser Anyway," speaks to "that friend we all have who's with someone they shouldn't be with but they're the only one's who don't seem to know that," says Joey. "This is a song inspired by the situation of one such friend (names omitted to protect the guilty). I actually heard the opening guitar riff and melody while walking through the mall and left immediately to go home and work on the song....which was nearly done by the time I pulled up to my front door." The resulting sound is memorable, energetic and sure to endure through time. It is a rare band that understands that a record deal is a beginning of the next-level process, not the end goal, Full Out Freak is ready, willing and abundantly able to win over rock radio, the press and lovers of music worldwide in the long-term sense. "We want to become a staple in American music," says Joey. "a band with staying power and we will work hard to make that happen. It's that simple."

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