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Friends Forever follows the fortunes of the eponymous rock band, who claim they're out to save rock & roll, as they travel the country, bringing their unique brand of music straight to the people. The two band members live in their cars, and play live shows from their van at various locations, frequently determined by where they can find parking. These shows always include a lot of smoke and flashing lights, and occasionally draw crowds of curiosity seekers and some fans. The band is comprised of Friend Nate, who plays drums in the van while Friend Josh plays bass in and out of the van, occasionally climbing onto the van and setting things on fire, or rampaging through a crowd of curiosity seekers wearing a wolf costume, or if he is in a gentler mood, distributing hugs. Friend of the Friends Jenn helps them with the lights and the smoke, and sometimes performs as their opening act. Nate explains that they have to pretend that Jenn "doesn't have genitals," or they'd want to have sex with her all the time. Filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn captures the band on tour, as they travel from their hometown of Denver to Olympia, playing shows. The band is excited to meet singer-songwriter Harvey Sid Fisher, who sings about astrology. A little bit of Nate's home life is also shown. While his parents appear to be supportive, his father expresses a preference for the music of Nate's younger brother's band, who play, as Nate rather disparagingly describes it, "listenable rock." Wolfinsohn also follows the band to New York, where they play outside the offices of Troma Films, and receive an award from Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman and the company's mascot, Toxie. Friends Forever was shown at the 2002 New York Underground Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

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1.33:1 -- Pre-1954 Standard (4x3)
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1 hour, 20 minutes
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