O Moon My Pin Up (Fra)


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    O Moon My Pin Up (Fra) Hat Hut Records / Hatology

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Review Text This magnificent production joins a beautifully designed 125-page oversized paperback (with informative notes, photos, an interview with composer/trumpeter Koglman, and more) and an outstanding musical interpretation by the Franz Koglman "Pipetet" of a portion of the Pisan Cantos by Ezra Pound. Meant to be a serious work of art, this recording combines elements of opera, classical music, and jazz improvisation to produce, if not a synthesis, then at least a studied détente among seemingly disparate elements. The success of this project lies not only with the strong musicians, who include vocalist Phil Minton (reciting Pound), clarinetist/tenor saxophonist Tony Coe, and string bassist Barre Phillips, with the leader doubling as trumpeter and composer. If the jazz element is less than on some other recordings led by Koglman, no matter: the recording succeeds on multiple levels, and is an important work of 20th-century culture. ~ Steve Loewy

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Introduction - 1:55
  2. 2. First Movement, Clouds: I - 2:56
  3. 3. First Movement, Clouds: IIa - 2:51
  4. 4. First Movement, Clouds: IIb - 2:34
  5. 5. First Movement, Clouds: IIc - 2:13
  6. 6. First Movement, Clouds: III - 5:41
  7. 7. Second Movement, Cassandra: IV - 4:37
  8. 8. Second Movement, Cassandra: V - 5:36
  9. 9. Second Movement, Cassandra: VI - 1:44
  10. 10. Second Movement, Cassandra: VII - 5:10
  11. 11. Second Movement, Cassandra: VIII - 2:44
  12. 12. Third Movement, Distinctions: IX - 6:33
  13. 13. Third Movement, Distinctions: X - 9:08

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