Beautiful Unknown 507


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    Beautiful Unknown 507 One Eleven Records

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Review Text Foreverinmotion is the work of one man named Brendon Matthew Thomas, a Vermont native who mixes an ear for creating strong pop/rock songs along with a knack for making the most of his lyrics. A great example of this is the soft, dreamy but unnerving "Magic" which sounds like it could have fallen from Bright Eyes or Nine Inch Nails if they went in an acoustic direction. Tender and at times bittersweet, Foreverinmotion shines on the gorgeous and simplistic "Hot Air Balloon" which shows a distinct singer/songwriter side before Thomas beefs the song up with backing vocals and orchestral touches. What makes the album work early on is how polished and stubborn the artist is, as songs like "Goodnight" could easily break out into some average ballad but is kept to a barebones arrangement with sweet, thoughtful and lullaby-like characteristics, even when he does add layers, as is the case with the melancholic but hopeful "The Clothes We Walk In" with its great harmonies and singalong chorus. The album takes a slight Pink Floyd circa "The Final Cut" turn during "Flight 268" which might be the prettiest and best executed track on the record. However, there are some songs which have some extra fat around them, including "The Rain" that take too long to get off the ground. And "Open Eyes and the Boundless Sky" which is a folk-meets-country tune that falters early on. However, things head back in the right direction with the rock -oriented and edgier "Avalanche" that contains ample bite and verve. The closing tunes include "Talu," a fine country-oriented song that is quite inviting. ~ Jason MacNeil

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Magic - 4:53
  2. 2. Hot Air Balloon - 4:16
  3. 3. Goodnight - 4:33
  4. 4. Clothes We Walk In - 5:31
  5. 5. Flight 268 - 5:08
  6. 6. Rain - 6:02
  7. 7. Open Eyes and the Boundless Sky - 4:58
  8. 8. And the King Would Say - 4:39
  9. 9. Avalanche - 5:30
  10. 10. Turn and Chase the Wind - 4:55
  11. 11. Talu - 6:03
  12. 12. Lonely - 7:23

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