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    Insanity Later 0404 Triple Crown Records

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Review Text One would think that a mixture of jumpy ska-punk and intense post-hardcore wouldn't work, but Folly's full-length debut is a surprisingly cohesive and solid album. It helps that the band has developed this blend organically over the years: after starting in the late '90s as a standard-issue ska-punk band in the general third wave style, the band has dropped the horns but kept the rhythms (think of how Ted Leo & the Pharmacists work ska and R&B into some of their songs) even as guitarists Agim Colaku and Geoff Towle introduce post-hardcore repetitive riffs into the tunes. Against this unorthodox but appealing mashup, singer Jon Tummillo occasionally comes off merely as a distraction; cutesily nonsensical song titles like "I've Been Running for Miles, Davis" and "Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player, He's Doing the Best He Can" and otherwise unmemorable emo-shaded lyrics don't help his case. Quirky but exciting in a way that many straight ska-punk or post-hardcore albums aren't, Insanity Later is at the very least an interesting stylistic experiment. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Morning Song - 1:10
  2. 2. Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player, He's Doing the Best He Can - 4:06
  3. 3. Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat - 4:17
  4. 4. I've Been Running for Miles, Davis - 4:59
  5. 5. Discussion Is for the Pigs - 4:45
  6. 6. Last Letter We Ever Wrote - 3:17
  7. 7. Pterodactyls in America - 5:39
  8. 8. Serenity Now! - 5:42
  9. 9. Today Jeremy Challenges the World - 5:43
  10. 10. City Is Drowning - 4:47
  11. 11. Sweet Water Death - 3:15
  12. 12. Weak and the Wounded - 4:46

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