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Review Text You know what to depend on with Flook -- a wonderful interplay between flutes and whistles, backed by some marvelous guitar work and bodhran playing so sublime you'd swear there were three percussionists. They don't vary the formula much on their third release, but they don't have to. Instead they keep refining their sound, bringing in a few guests to add texture, but really do what they do best: create enchanting, airy melodies that pulse with life. Unlike so many bands that have lead and backing instruments, each member of the quartet is integral to the sound, building it. One of the biggest surprises is John Joe Kelly's mandolin playing. Known for his bodhran work, he's also an all-Ireland mandolin champion, although never flashy, simply adding just enough. And that's perhaps the secret to Flook: they've discovered that the secret recipe involves no egos. As on "The Tortoise and the Hare" or "Asturian Way" everyone plays off everyone else to lift the music higher and exhilarate. The pudding is never over-egged -- the taste and timing are perfect. The basis of their sound might be Irish, but they've long since moved beyond that into Balkan and other cultures, but all the while making tunes (all contemporary) sound ineffably Flook-ish. Quite simply wonderful. ~ Chris Nickson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sun Salute
  2. 2. Girls in Boisdale
  3. 3. Wrong Foot Forward
  4. 4. Apollo Bay Reel
  5. 5. Cats of Camazen
  6. 6. Son Ar Rost
  7. 7. Jig For John #1
  8. 8. Mouse in the Kitchen
  9. 9. House of Little Lights
  10. 10. Souter Creek
  11. 11. Gone Fishing
  12. 12. Shuffle
  13. 13. Tir Rafartaigh
  14. 14. Road to Errogie
  15. 15. Thank You Sean
  16. 16. Fechin Inn
  17. 17. On One Beautiful Day
  18. 18. Peter Street
  19. 19. Drunken Acrobat
  20. 20. Asturian Way

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