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    Firebird The End / Relativity

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Review Text Bill Steer (ex-Carcass) hooks up with members of Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars? Sounds extremely promising. Thus it's extremely disappointing that Firebird sounds like a bar band most of the time, the best bar band in town but a bar band nonetheless. The right elements are occasionally present -- the weighty blues riff of "Stranger to Himself," the distorted bass rumble on "One Trick Pony," the acoustic Zeppelin-ish intro that leads into "Through the Fields." However, any potential is stunted by either bland changes or bland production. The only real bright spot is "Bollard," where a cool, lava lamp moodiness is offset by Steer's dense bottom-end guitar. Steer's vocals, nearing Jack Bruce territory, are also a strong point but cannot save the whole album. It's a plus that Firebird sounds nothing like Carcass but, because of the connection, one still expects a certain level of inventiveness and drive. Firebird come up lacking on both these points; hopefully the band will still find its voice and not settle on the sound of this debut. ~ Matthew Kantor

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Meantime - 3:35
  2. 2. Torn Down - 4:39
  3. 3. Stranger To Himself - 5:29
  4. 4. Bollard - 5:31
  5. 5. One Trick Pony - 3:28
  6. 6. Raise a Smile - 4:31
  7. 7. Hardened Sole - 5:24
  8. 8. Fat Cat Groan - 4:45
  9. 9. Caught In the Quagmire - 5:34
  10. 10. Through the Fields - 7:43

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