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    Wanna Make Love 0102 VP Records

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Review Text Fiona's pop-reggae sound returns on Wanna Make Love, her 2002 release. The R&B influence on her work is quite evident, as is her obvious passion for what she sings. From moment one she asks her listeners to accept one another and live in peace, and this message is the driving force of the album from song to song. "Pray" is the infectious ditty that kicks in after her message, and it sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album. "Wanna Make Love" is a smooth and bouncy reggae track that floats over a pleasant horn part. The music can be a little too poppy in some places, specifically on the soft and fluffy "Take Your Heart" and the breathy "Don't Call." But elsewhere she really shines. "Every Little Bit Hurts" is an attitude-fueled track that brings to mind Lauren Hill, while "Nothing Really Matters" is a lush pop tune enhanced by bizarre background sounds and a memorable keyboard line. Her cover of "Oops I Did It Again" is a step into bizarro world, as the original is kept virtually the same with the exception of the reggae tempo and backing track. This cover is a weird coda to a very commercial release. Fiona is not shy about writing radio-friendly music -- the bonus version of "All Your Love" is one of the most radio-ready songs to come out of the reggae genre. Fans of the genre in its purest form should avoid this if at all possible, otherwise this is a catchy album accented by reggae rhythms and song structures that should appeal to anyone who enjoys turn-of-the-century pop music. ~ Bradley Torreano

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Interlude - 1:22
  2. 2. Pray - 4:30
  3. 3. Take Your Heart - 4:08
  4. 4. Wanna Make Love - 4:53
  5. 5. When Love Comes Knocking - 4:59
  6. 6. Don't Call - 5:42
  7. 7. I Wish - 4:13
  8. 8. Every Little Bit Hurts - 4:30
  9. 9. Get to Lovin' Time - 4:37
  10. 10. Nothing Really Matters - 4:44
  11. 11. Kindness for Weakness, Pt. 2 (The Answer) - 3:24
  12. 12. Rise Up - 4:55
  13. 13. All Your Love - 4:13
  14. 14. No More Lonely Nights - 4:46
  15. 15. Oops I Did It Again - 4:53
  16. 16. All Your Love [Semi Accapella] - 4:36
  17. 17. Get to Lovin' Time - 4:37

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