Ashy To Classy 1200


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    Ashy To Classy 1200 MCA
    1. Ashy To Classy 1200 MCA
    2. Ashy To Classy(Clean)1200 MCA

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Review Text The down-home rappers from Albany, GA, have put together a debut that demonstrates that they should be mentioned alongside other great Georgia rappers such as Goodie Mob and Outkast. Like their predecessors, Field Mob has put together a mix of social commentary and Southern bounce that would appeal to listeners on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. While too many Southern hip-hop artists resort to formulaic tracks, the album's production feels fresh. "Dead in Yo Chevy," with it's pounding 808 drum beats and catchy hook, seems to be designed to be boomed out of car stereos. The same can be said for "Crutch," a smooth mid-tempo song about friendship. Rappers Boondox and Kalage complement the solid production with clever rhymes. Check out "Channel 6:13, Part I," a clever song that incorporates several TV characters into a humorous narrative, sort of like a modern version of Slick Rick's "Bedtime Story." Similarly, "My Man Roni" is a playful Battle of the Sexes that steers clear of the usual he said-she said banter. There are some small miscues -- a track like "Dimez" lacks the shine of other songs -- but, as a whole, 613: Ashy to Classy provides a big helping of Southern comfort. ~ Jon Azpiri

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ashy to Classy (Intro) - 2:42
  2. 2. Can't Stop Us - 5:10
  3. 3. Project Dreamz - 5:18
  4. 4. Dead in Your Chevy - 4:50
  5. 5. Da' Durty - 4:26
  6. 6. My Main Roni - 5:13
  7. 7. Cheatin' on We - 4:59
  8. 8. Waiting - 2:29
  9. 9. Channel 613, Pt. 1 - 5:34
  10. 10. Dimez - 5:26
  11. 11. Crutch - 5:59
  12. 12. Shake Sumpthin' - 5:09
  13. 13. Hey Shawty - 5:39

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