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    No Puedo Perdonarte 0708 Machete Music

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Review Text While it is possible to find a regional Mexican enthusiast who loves one type of regional Mexican music but strongly dislikes another, someone who fits that description is a rarity. Sure, if one ventures to a city with a large Mexican population (be it Mexico City, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, or Chicago) and looks high and low, it isn't impossible to meet someone who adores norteño but has no use for banda or someone who cherishes banda, sierreño, and mariachi but can't stand duranguense. But as a rule, regional Mexican fans are likely to appreciate different types of regional Mexican music, which is why an album like singer/accordion player Fidel Rueda's No Puedo Perdonarte (I Can't Forgive You) is very marketable. This 2008 release clearly has a regional Mexican orientation, although Rueda hasn't been influenced by one regional Mexican style exclusively. No Puedo Perdonarte, like Rueda's previous release, Paz en Este Amor, can justifiably be called norteño because the accordion is its most prominent instrument; however, his use of a chugging tuba certainly shows an awareness of banda even without banda's huge wall of brass. And unlike full-fledged banda albums, No Puedo Perdonarte thrives on minimalism whether Rueda is providing corridos ("Fiesta en Sinaloa," "La Loquera," "El Compa de Zacatecas"), rancheras ("Blanca Palomita," "Concha Querida"), or Mexican-style cumbia ("Y Voy"). Minimalism also serves Rueda well on the doo wop-influenced "Y Tu Que Harias" and an inspired performance of the Afro-Cuban standard "Guantanamera," which is closely identified with son but receives an energetic ranchera/polka treatment on this 46-minute disc. No Puedo Perdonarte is a bit less essential than Paz en Este Amor, but even so, it is a solid and well-rounded effort from Rueda. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. No Puedo Perdonarte - 3:18
  2. 2. Loquera - 2:17
  3. 3. Concha Querida - 4:44
  4. 4. Guantanamera - 3:44
  5. 5. Fiesta en Sinaloa - 2:54
  6. 6. Damelo - 3:04
  7. 7. Que Role la Bolsita - 4:34
  8. 8. Solo Para Mi - 3:10
  9. 9. Blanca Paloma - 2:22
  10. 10. Y Voy - 3:33
  11. 11. Anda la Raza Contenta - 2:18
  12. 12. Si Yo No Estoy Contigo - 3:27
  13. 13. Y Tu Que Harias - 4:34
  14. 14. Compa de Zacatecas - 3:27
  15. 15. Joaquin Astorga - 3:07
  16. 16. [Untitled Hidden Track] - 2:19

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