Fantasy Mission Force


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Taiwanese filmmaker Chu Yen-ping directed this typically peculiar (and not too far from insane) action-comedy. It is nominally set during World War II, although it really exists in a world all its own, as references run the gamut from the '40s to the '80s. Hard-bitten Lieutenant Duan Wen (Jimmy Wang Yu) puts together a crack team of commandos in order to rescue a group of Allied generals who are captives of the Japanese military. There's an escape artist, a leather-clad tough girl with a bazooka (Brigitte Lin), a couple of wisecracking guys in kilts, and Sun Yueh in an extremely bizarre costume which brings to mind a homeless person called into military service. Pearl Cheung and international superstar Jackie Chan play some petty crooks looking for some money, and Adam Cheng shows up as the apparently gay leader of a tribe of hooded Amazons. As if that wasn't enough to completely baffle most viewers, there are also some Asian Nazis running around in futuristic jeeps, some sorcerers who drink human blood, and heaping helpings of gunplay, martial arts, singing, and dancing -- all in 88 breathless minutes. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

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