Explanatory Denial (Uk)


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    Explanatory Denial (Uk) Midwich Productions

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Review Text Explanatory Denial is the first in a series of stripped-down club-focused 12" releases from Chicago-based experimental techno label Midwich Productions. It's the label's second release by founder Magas, who previously released aggressive electro-punk on labels such as ADULT.'s Ersatz Audio. This EP may be minimal by Magas' standards, as there's none of the Cramps-ian swagger of his older material, but it probably wouldn't mix well with a typical Minus 12". "Shipping Container" is a jagged, clunky piece of abrasive laser-techno that isn't too far off from Container himself. "New Dawn" is a fright-night escapade with gigantic, vibrating synths and vocoders. "Sky Castles" is the true party jam here, recalling the best Prince-inspired Detroit techno, while retaining the spookiness of the disc's other tracks, as well as their gritty, home-assembled charm. "Indelible Mark" ends the EP with a sinister Casio lounge comedown. ~ Paul Simpson

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Shipping Container
  2. 2. New Dawn
  3. 3. Sky Castles
  4. 4. Indelible Mark

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