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    People Are Moving 801 What Are Records?

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Review Text On People Are Moving, the focus is clearly on the groove. Led by vocalist Craig Honeycutt, who phrases with a hint of a British accent, and multi-instrumentalist Steve Van Dam, this collection is either a rock album that you can dance to or a dance album that you can rock to. Either way, People Are Moving exhibits a happy disposition and a positive vibe. Percussionist Nate Brown is often working double-time with drum'n'bass techno beats steeped in traditional R&B as bassist David Slankard pumps out funky five-string patterns that are melodic, harmonic, and infectious. The song lyrics are enjoyable explorations of mixed human emotions as they relate to romance, relationships, and the ups and downs of daily life. Van Dam never fails to deliver a big major chord just at the precise moment or embellish the singer's blue-eyed soulful plight with a melodic undercurrent of tasteful guitar/keyboard lines. Honeycutt sums up the spirit of this disc in "Sir Nasty," which blissfully proclaims that no matter how bad things appear to be there's no reason not to boogie. ~ Tom Semioli

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Lust of the Light
  2. 2. All the Way
  3. 3. Get Your Groove On
  4. 4. Wheels of Steel
  5. 5. Sir Nasty
  6. 6. Glisten
  7. 7. People Are Moving
  8. 8. Unconditional (The Love Vibe Ring)
  9. 9. I Don't Care
  10. 10. So Be It
  11. 11. City Living
  12. 12. Chime
  13. 13. No End to Loving Days

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