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    At Our Worst 0704 Hand Of Hope Records

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Review Text Jacksonville, FL, metalcore band Evergreen Terrace has been nothing if not prolific during its brief five-year career (four releases and counting), but even the hard-working group is quick to admit in the liner notes of 2004's At Our Worst that the release was motivated by little more than a cash-in opportunity. In summary, when asked by Indianola Records if they'd be interested in releasing some old demos, the members of the five-piece balked at first, but eventually relented so long as the album would also contain some live material along with a never-before-heard composition in the quite explosive "You're Entering a World of Pain." In fact, "explosive" is probably about as useful a word as any to describe these live performances (including a surprisingly suitable reading of the Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero"), which show Evergreen Terrace in the process of lambasting a clearly partisan hometown crowd. As for the four demos, which date from the band's first sessions (in 2000), Evergreen Terrace fans will find them of good enough audio fidelity -- not to mention immeasurable historical value -- to justify their investment. But less well-versed new arrivals may just want to skip this release altogether and focus on one of the band's proper studio albums. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Heavy #1 - 3:45
  2. 2. Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em - 3:37
  3. 3. Zero - 3:39
  4. 4. In My Dreams I Can Fly - 4:33
  5. 5. No Donnie These Men Are Nihilists - 3:45
  6. 6. You're Entering a World of Pain - 2:17
  7. 7. Shattered Remains - 3:16
  8. 8. Let It Go - 2:24
  9. 9. Behind My Back - 2:22
  10. 10. Burnout - 2:23
  11. 11. [Untitled Hidden Track] - 3:38

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