Pain Necessary To Know


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    Pain Necessary To Know Earache
    1. Pain Necessary To Know Earache
    2. Pain Necessary To Know313

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Review Text Italy's Ephel Duath are named after a range of mountains in Tolkien's Middle-earth, play with unnatural intensity, and feature a vocalist whose most serene moments are expressed in blood-curdling screams. So far, so death-metal. But with their fifth full-length release, the band, who have been forging their own groundbreaking path since 1998, create a maze of twists, turns, and musical blind alleys that should appeal as much to jazz fusion fans as to followers of Black Sabbath. In mini-epics like "Vector" and "Pleonasm," the band go from pastoral acoustic textures to aural overload in the time it takes to say 666. The songs stop and start according to their own twisted logic, hinting at the presence of devilish musical forces who've been listening to a lot of Al Di Meola.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. New Disorder - 5:01
  2. 2. Vector, Third Movement - 4:15
  3. 3. Pleonasm - 3:31
  4. 4. Few Stars, No Refrain and a Cigarette - 4:43
  5. 5. Crystalline Whirl - 5:51
  6. 6. I Killed Rebecca - 5:23
  7. 7. Vector - 4:17
  8. 8. Vector, Second Movement - 3:02
  9. 9. Imploding - 5:10

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