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    Ambassador 0207 Six Shooter Records

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Review Text Imagine the early Palace Brothers playing with My Morning Jacket's chops and you start to get an idea of what to expect from Canadian three-piece Elliott Brood. Playing what they like to describe as "death country," Elliott Brood are, like Palace, obsessed with the dark corners of this life -- alcohol, violence, busted love affairs, family strife, the sadder burdens of history -- but what sometimes seemed like a dramatic affectation coming from Will Oldham sounds like a harsh but honest vision of the world as seen by lyricist and lead singer Mark Sasso. Sasso and his compatriots Casey Laforet and Steve Pitkin are able to conjure up a sound that references the past without being bound to it, as the washes of electronic and found noises mingle with their acoustic guitars and banjos in a manner that's at once spare and full-bodied. And for all the brooding and sadness in Elliott Brood's music, Ambassador is an album that offers a glimmer of hope over the horizon, or at least the promise of redemption; this band isn't marketing gloom for its own sake, but offering its own take on a world where the light must struggle very hard to shine. Elliott Brood's first full-length album is an impressive achievement, and certainly one of the most striking debuts of 2005. ~ Mark Deming

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Twill
  2. 2. President
  3. 3. Second Son
  4. 4. Acer Negundo
  5. 5. Wolfgang
  6. 6. My Friend
  7. 7. Jackson
  8. 8. Back of the Lot
  9. 9. Bridge
  10. 10. Johnny Rock
  11. 11. What Would You Have Me Believe
  12. 12. Superior

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