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    More Than Motion 0902 Tooth & Nail

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Review Text Element 101 is by no means a pop-punk band, they're a pop/rock band. And their sophomore release, More Than Motion, is ten solid pop/rock tunes in the vein of the Go-Go's, the Bangles, and some other great '80s girl-fronted bands without the typical cheese factor those bands had. It's nice to hear lead singer Crissie Verhagen sing with a little sass and attitude, but without going over the top into snotty territory. With the addition of piano on "My Darkest Night" and guitarist Chris Mizzone singing all of the title track, Element 101 is safely moving out of any stereotypes which might have been forced upon them on albums past while still not gravitating too far from what fans may be ready for. With the help of Stephen Egerton and Bill Stevenson of ALL and the Descendents fame, the band has produced an album with good commercial appeal held together by solid songwriting and simple hooks. Yeah, lots of bands make albums like this, but considering how many more acts DON'T, More Than Motion is certainly a welcome relief. ~ Kurt Morris

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Fade Away - 4:09
  2. 2. Stop Breathing - 3:04
  3. 3. Fragile - 4:16
  4. 4. Love Has No Sound - 4:16
  5. 5. This Time Around - 4:58
  6. 6. Something Like a Dream - 3:22
  7. 7. Angel Blue Eyes - 5:32
  8. 8. Song - 3:58
  9. 9. Under the Ocean - 4:37
  10. 10. My Darkest Night - 11:23

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