El Ten Eleven (Ogv) (Dlcd)


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    El Ten Eleven (Ogv) (Dlcd) Bar/None Records

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Review Text An instrumental duo consisting of a bassist and a drummer, El Ten Eleven are groove-oriented post-rockers in the Chicago style; their self-titled debut album sounds like Tortoise stripped down to essentials, or a much less tortured Godspeed You Black Emperor! minus the drones. Bassist Kristian Dunn manages an impressive amount of tonal variety in his playing, and almost never devolves into fusion-style overplaying to try to fill in the relatively minimal sound. (There are occasional hints of guitar and synth on the album, as on the hyperactive-but-melodic "Lorge," so it's not all rhythm, all the time.) There's an appealing breeziness to this album, a sense of playfulness and ease in Tim Fogerty's drums and loops that keeps things skipping along lightly. Fans of the melodic instrumental post-rock of Japancakes or Trans Am will find a lot to their liking here. ~ Stewart Mason

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  1. 1. My Only Swerving
  2. 2. Sorry About Your Irony
  3. 3. Lorge
  4. 4. 1969
  5. 5. Central Nervous Piston
  6. 6. Thinking Loudly
  7. 7. Fanshawe
  8. 8. Connie
  9. 9. Bye Mom

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