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    Siempre Arriba 0703 Fonovisa

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Review Text Regional Mexican music hasn't crossed over to non-Latin listeners as much as Afro-Cuban or Brazilian music, but those who are converts are serious converts. Listeners who follow Mexican music faithfully -- most of whom live in Mexico or the southwestern part of the United States -- are an incredibly loyal bunch. They aren't the sort of fickle fans who are always looking for the next flavor of the month, and that's why a well-established Mexican act can find his/her way to the Latin charts year after year. In the regional Mexican market, Bronco has that sort of built-in following -- and presumably, those hardcore followers will want to hear Siempre Arriba simply because it's a Bronco album. This 2003 release by El Gigante de America doesn't break any new ground for the well-known band, which continues to provide the appealing mix of norteño/Tex-Mex, Tejano, and cumbia mexicana (the Mexican interpretation of Colombian cumbia) that they're known for. Bronco's members have never been purists when it comes to the Tex-Mex sound; their approach has been decidedly sleeker and much more pop-friendly than the tougher, harder, norteño that artists like los Tigres del Norte and los Rieleros del Norte are famous for. But they're good at what they do, and listeners who like their Mexican music laced with a big dose of Latin pop should have no problem getting into romantic offerings like "Dalo Por Hecho," "Estoy a Punto," and "Platicando a Solas." That said, there are no compelling reasons why someone who already has a lot of Bronco albums in his/her collection would find Siempre Arriba to be an absolutely essential or necessary purchase. But again, Bronco's diehard followers are a very loyal, enthusiastic bunch, and those who fit that description will find this CD to be an enjoyably solid, if somewhat predictable, addition to their large catalog. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Estoy a Punto - 3:19
  2. 2. Arriba - 3:20
  3. 3. Dalo Por Hecho - 3:58
  4. 4. Hombre Con Suerte - 3:56
  5. 5. Antes Que Tu - 3:59
  6. 6. Soñandote - 3:34
  7. 7. Mi Peor Enemigo - 3:55
  8. 8. Corazon Borracho - 3:21
  9. 9. Platicando a Solas - 3:51
  10. 10. Tumbame Con Tu Tumbao - 3:44
  11. 11. Precio - 4:32
  12. 12. Que Bailen los Niños - 3:41

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