Bless You Dr Woodward


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    Bless You Dr Woodward Water Music Records

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Review Text The Edison Electric Band's sole album, Bless You, Dr Woodward, is a very of-its-time affair. While accomplished and well recorded, it doesn't have either the musical identity or high quality needed to make it stick out, even as far as obscure circa-1970 rock releases go. Generally speaking, the group writes and plays in a funky blues-soul-rock style with some (but not many) acid rock trimmings. More often than not, they sound a little like a bluesier, funkier Youngbloods, though the vocals and songwriting aren't nearly as outstanding. Some fairly rootsy numbers will drift off into semi-psychedelic instrumental passages and guitar, "Ship of the Future" throwing in a buzzing oddball solo on the ondioline, "Island Sun" a brief Latin-flavored percussion jam. Covers of Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me" and Doc Pomus' "Lonely Avenue," however, seem indicative of R&B influences with which the band appear to be more comfortable. Weirder things are afoot in "Smokehouse," which is nonetheless derivative of the voodoo blues approaches of both Dr. John and Captain Beefheart. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ship of the Future - 2:24
  2. 2. Over the Hill - 7:47
  3. 3. Please Send Me - 5:35
  4. 4. Baby Leroy - 4:30
  5. 5. Royal Fool - 3:22
  6. 6. West Wind - 3:02
  7. 7. Lonely Avenue - 4:41
  8. 8. Island Sun - 3:28
  9. 9. Smokehouse - 4:01
  10. 10. Lebanese Packhorse - 1:41

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