Crimson Ii


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    Crimson Ii Plastic Head Music

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Review Text There are two ways of looking at Crimson II: optimistically, it represents a long hoped for, never expected second installment to Swedish death metal legends Edge of Sanity's greatest triumph; pessimistically, it sees only one of said predecessor's original participants using his not inconsiderable talents and a few hired henchmen to usurp a band's good name for a personal project. A means to a selfish end? Wait, it gets even more complicated. The first fact: yes, Crimson (the original) was the work of a fully functioning band, Edge of Sanity. The second fact: yes, Crimson was also, for all intents and purposes, a solo effort by that band's dominant songwriter and undisputed driving force, Dan Swano, whose personal vision had guided Edge of Sanity's trajectory, though previously never as completely. So what's a well-intentioned metalhead to do here? Clearly, there's really no satisfying conclusion to be had; Edge of Sanity fans will simply have to make a personal choice (pick their poison, if you will) when approaching Crimson II. Judged on a purely musical basis, the album indeed represents a worthy and natural successor to the original, successfully transporting the listener back to a fantastical realm of apocalyptic science fiction -- brought to you by the wonders of progressive death metal. Of course, in a final, necessary twist, all of this is rendered whole via a single, 40-plus minute "song" (or "song suite") containing literally dozens upon dozens of riffs partitioned into oft-recurring themes, numerous soft/hard interludes, and synthesizer embellishments for added effect -- all of it combining into a canvas of downright panoramic scope. Swano really pulls out all the stops, and whether you choose to condemn or applaud him in the end, there's no denying his amazing achievement -- again. Of course, Crimson II is thematically useless without its slightly superior first chapter, and though it may only nominally qualify as an Edge of Sanity record, right now that's all listeners have. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. The Forbidden Words I
  2. 2. The Forbidden Words II
  3. 3. Incantation I
  4. 4. Incantation II
  5. 5. Incantation III
  6. 6. Incantation IV
  7. 7. Incantation V
  8. 8. Incantation VI
  9. 9. Passage of Time I
  10. 10. Passage of Time II
  11. 11. Passage of Time III
  12. 12. Passage of Time IV
  13. 13. Passage of Time V
  14. 14. Passage of Time VI
  15. 15. Passage of Time VII
  16. 16. Passage of Time VIII
  17. 17. Passage of Time IX
  18. 18. Passage of Time X
  19. 19. The Silent Threat I
  20. 20. The Silent Threat II
  21. 21. The Silent Threat III
  22. 22. The Silent Threat IV
  23. 23. Achilles Heel I
  24. 24. Achilles Heel II
  25. 25. Achilles Heel Iii
  26. 26. Covenant of Souls I
  27. 27. Covenant of Souls II
  28. 28. Covenant of Souls III
  29. 29. Covenant of Souls IV
  30. 30. Covenant of Souls V
  31. 31. Covenant of Souls VI
  32. 32. Face To Face I
  33. 33. Face To Face II
  34. 34. Face To Face III
  35. 35. Face To Face IV
  36. 36. Face To Face V
  37. 37. Disintegration I
  38. 38. Disintegration II
  39. 39. Disintegration III
  40. 40. Aftermath I
  41. 41. Aftermath II
  42. 42. Aftermath III
  43. 43. Aftermath IV
  44. 44. Aftermath V

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