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Review Text I'm known for my restlessness (Not really, but I read that on somebody else's band bio and thought it was really funny. The mind (at least my mind) boggles at the thought of what one would have to do to be known for 'restlessness.') Let me start over; I got kicked out of the Toadies after one big radio hit and a ton of touring. I was in the tomorrowpeople for 3 years but the band faded away after we got dropped by Geffen. I moved to New York and worked as a recording engineer for producer Nile Rodgers for a few years; then I moved to Los Angeles. For a long time I was looking for a collaborator; someone to write with, a singer, another guitar player, anything. After a lot of fruitless searching I finally said 'Forget it, I'll just do everything myself,' (I think I remember stamping my feet and pouting a little while I was saying that...but in a manly way). I dumped everything I had been working on and wrote new material over the last year. Jeff Liles let me know that Mitch Marine (Dwight Yoakam, Tripping Daisy, Smash Mouth, Brave Combo, etc.) was in town so I played him some of the demos. He encouraged me and we recorded this album together at our respective home studios. To me it sounds kind of like the Pretenders if Chrissie Hynde was a dude with a Motorhead fetish who was also a fan the Close Lobsters. Currently gigging around LA with bassist Nate Perry (Manic-Interscope records, Fractional) and self-releasing an EP featuring 4 tracks culled from the album Mitch and I recorded. Mastered by Evren Goknar at Capitol Studios and Mastering, Hollywood. Cover art by Douglas Gledhill at the Uprising Creative LLC. Instrumentation Darrel Herbert - Guitar, Vocals Mitch Marine - Drums, Bass.

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