Shot Shot Hearts


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    Shot Shot Hearts Tigerbeat6

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Review Text Released almost a year after his excellent This Means Forever full-length offering, this eight-song EP brings back everything about Drop the Lime that made his last endeavor so memorable and visceral. He wastes no time in picking up where he left off, and the punchy 909 kick drum and dirty vocal delivery are just as brutal as anything else he's put out thus far. But while the brutality of the EP kicks it off in grand form, the second half sounds more like a therapy session for a troubled breakcore artist laying everything out on the table in grand confessional style. No new ground is really broken here, but this is a nice quick fix until the next album. The chief complaint about Shot Shot Hearts is that it's too short. Granted, it is an EP, but after eight tracks there's an urgent sense of wanting to hear more, a lingering feeling that what happens next could either be a fantastic experience or a horrible disaster. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Hometaker - 3:13
  2. 2. Get on It - 4:47
  3. 3. Cold Hearts - 3:57
  4. 4. Unfold - 3:00
  5. 5. Dreams - 4:41
  6. 6. Die Young - 4:51
  7. 7. Circles - 3:00
  8. 8. Tonight - 1:58

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