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Review Text Drone Trailer might be an apt name for a record that owes much to both avant-rock drone and rural acid folk, though not exactly in easy measures. If there's any rough reference point to be had in the world of above-ground rock to MV & EE, it could be the most eccentric side of Neil Young at his most country-acoustic. But if Young can sound a little stoned, enigmatic, and/or peculiar on some of his odder excursions into that territory, MV & EE sound far more disassociated and far less accessible, rambling away in a manner that suggests they wouldn't even notice if the earth swallowed them up whole. If a song like "The Hungry Stones" can't help but beg comparison to an arty, primitive slant on Young, other tracks owe relatively little to folk-rock, "Anyway" getting the album off to a lurching start with clamorous anthemic trash rock in which Erika Elder's singing can barely be made out. Steel guitar by Elder and guest Doc Dunn supply much of the drone throughout the album, loopy licks enveloping Matt Valentine's languid vocals on "Weatherhead Hollow" and "Huna Cosm" to the point where the duo sound a little like a cross between Young and Jandek. Stoner folk fights it out with creepy atmospherics on other tracks as well, the hard rock moves of "Anyway" never resurfacing. It's an unfocused album that defies comfortable listening, perhaps deliberately so, but the collision of half-baked folk tunes and uneasy soundscapes isn't as stimulating to hear as it might have been to create. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track Listing

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  1. 1. Anyway
  2. 2. Hungry Stones
  3. 3. Weatherhead Hollow
  4. 4. Drone Trailer
  5. 5. Twitchin'
  6. 6. Huna Cosm

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