Tales From The Darkside (Aus)


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    Tales From The Darkside (Aus) Raven

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Review Text Tales From the Dark Side: Greatest Hits and Choice Collectables 1974-1997 is really the ultimate Dragon compilation. Combining the full greatest-hits disc Snake Eyes on the Paradise with a second disc of delectable grab-bag material, this album contains virtually everything you need to know about this mythic New Zealand band. Disc One presents all of the slick hits that made this troubled and talented outfit one of the finest to roam the Australian continent in the '70s and '80s (a full accounting of which is included in the review for Snake Eyes). The second disc takes the listener deep below the surface with 19 tracks of B-sides, album cuts, live tracks, and other odds and rarities. Go back to the band's trippy beginnings and hear the Pink Floyd-meets-Santana vibe of the lengthy "Universal Radio," or the amazing cassette-player-recorded sound check of the band jamming on the Doors' "Soul Kitchen," with singer Marc Hunter ad-libbing new lyrics (here called "Final Years"). Apart from such alluring curiosities, the high points include the glossy pop/rock of "Shooting Stars" (released as a single in late 1977), the disco boogie of "O Zambezi" (title track of the 1978 album), and "The Empty Beach," which was penned by Cold Chisel keyboard player Don Walker. But perhaps tastier still is the handful of live tracks which really open the door to the past. There's the funky "Blacktown Boogie" (an ode to one of the toughest, rock & roll-loving suburbs of Sydney's notorious west side), an excellent cover of the Velvet Underground/Lou Reed classic "White Light/White Heat,," and a deuce of Dragon's second-echelon songs: the high-energy "Dreaded Moroxy Bind," and the new wave foray of "Body and the Beat." Packaged with two highly informative booklets about the band, Tales From the Dark Side is a thoroughly entertaining document of the life and times of Dragon. ~ Adrian Zupp

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. This Time
  2. 2. Get That Jive
  3. 3. Sunshine
  4. 4. April Sun in Cuba
  5. 5. Konkaroo
  6. 6. Are You Old Enough
  7. 7. Still in Love With You
  8. 8. Loves Not Enough
  9. 9. Island Nights
  10. 10. Ramona
  11. 11. Rain
  12. 12. Magic
  13. 13. Cry
  14. 14. Wilderworld
  15. 15. Speak No Evil
  16. 16. Dreams of Ordinary Men
  17. 17. Western Girls
  18. 18. Celebration
  19. 19. River
  20. 20. Young Years
  21. 21. Summer
  22. 22. Universal Radio
  23. 23. Vermillion Cellars
  24. 24. Education
  25. 25. Star Kissed
  26. 26. Show Danny Across the Wat
  27. 27. Shooting Stars
  28. 28. O Zambezi
  29. 29. Blacktown Boogie
  30. 30. White Light/White Heat
  31. 31. Counting Sheep
  32. 32. Empty Beach
  33. 33. Dreaded Moroxy Bond
  34. 34. Body & The Beat
  35. 35. Smoke
  36. 36. Blue Blue Is the Radio
  37. 37. Heart of Fire
  38. 38. Oh Now Girl
  39. 39. Be All Right
  40. 40. Final Years

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