What Burns Never Retur698


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    What Burns Never Retur698 Touch & Go

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Review Text Yet another testament of pure musical genius from the wizards of Don Caballero. This album -- probably their greatest effort to date and a keystone instrumental album -- will make musicians stand open-mouthed in absolute amazement, wondering just how such music is written. Insane rhythms change time and key without a second thought -- beautiful, off-time, yet somehow interlocking notes and melodies fill the ears in a barrage of panicked sound. At one minute dreamy, soothing and thought-expanding, at another spastic and mind-pounding. What Burns Never Returns is definitely something that has to be heard to be believed -- and it could most definitely alter the way you think about music forever. ~ Blake Butler

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Don Caballero 3 - 10:42
  2. 2. In the Abscence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step ... - 5:35
  3. 3. Delivering the Groceries at 138 Beats Per Minute - 6:49
  4. 4. Slice Where You Live Like Pie - 5:09
  5. 5. Room Temperature Suite - 6:31
  6. 6. World in Perforated Lines - 4:52
  7. 7. From the Desk of Elsewhere Go - 8:51
  8. 8. June Is Finally Here - 5:56

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