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    Songs from the Journey CD Baby

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Review Text 'Through her warmth andability to project, she creates the passion necessary to structure her material into memorable works....'RPM Charts Weekly Dodie Pettit's first album is an eclectic collection of original country rock songs and ballads, all self penned and recorded in Nashville. Dodie is a performer with a diverse history, having written songs for soundtracks, pop and dance. As an actress, she has appeared in the original cast of 'Phantom of the Opera' and CATS on Broadway and in the US 1st National Tour of 'Titanic'. More recently, she played Patsy Cline in the musical 'A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline'. Country has always been a passion for Dodie, ever since she was a child. She started writing songs the minute she picked up a guitar at age twelve and had a working band by the time she was fifteen. Over the years she has performed across the country in such places as 'The Bitter End' in New York, 'The Troubadour' and 'The Palomino' in LA, and 'The Exit Inn' in Nashville. This debut CD 'Songs From the Journey', was released in Canada in '94 and in the US in '95. Her first single and video 'The Flame' received considerable radio play and video play in Canada, the US and Europe, and the video received airplay on NCN-TV, Canada's New Country Network as well as CMT's 'Jammin Country'. Positive reviews followed in 'RPM Weekly', 'Country Wave' and 'Country'. Dodie was chosen by Robert K. Oermann as The DISCovery of the Week in his widely read column in Music Row. 'The Flame' ultimately picked up several major market stations and over 750 minor market stations. Not bad for an Indie artists' first try ! Fueled by this response, two more singles, 'Easy Come Easy Go' and 'Lousiana Moonshine'. were released in Europe on Nashville Music Express and in the US on CDXtra,. Both of these singles received play on over 80% of the stations polled. Dodie is married to Broadway actor Kevin Gray who has starred in such shows as 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Miss Saigon', 'The King and I', and 'Jekyl and Hyde'. Reviews 'Our Blusey, belting, Dodie Pettit wins the prestigious Music Row DISCovery Award for this issue.- Robert K. Oermann MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE 'Dodie Pettit, working on a shoestring budget, does a wonderful job with 'The Flame'. Pettit turns in an appropriate 'bitter' performance to go along with the song, and the video truly showcases the storyline, with several nice effects thrown in.' -Lisa Berg, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE 'Singer/Songwriter/Actress Dodie Pettit releases her debut CD containing eleven selfpenned tunes. There is quite a potpourri of styles from the folksie, The Roadie, the rock sound of 'Runnin' With the Wolves', the gospel flavored 'River of Life' to the traditional country sound of 'Easy Come Easy Go'. The ballads, 'Pieces Of My Heart' and 'Water On A Sinking Ship' are well crafted tunes, and along with 'The Roadie' are the best cuts. The strength of this CD lies in the lyrics.' C.H. COUNTRY WAVE 'The musical theatre training shows through here, displaying Pettit's comfortable range that embraces the lyrics, no matter what the message. In fact, the whole make up of the album lends itself to the title. Pettit's Journey into songs as a potpourri of soul, blues, and gospelized day-too-day- experience that will easily communicate and connect with all ages. Through her vocal warmth and ability to project, she creates the passion necessary to structure her material into memorable works. Pettit wrote all the materials here, with the exception of 'Water On a Sinking Ship', which she co-wrote with her husband Kevin Gray. The extraordinary beautiful duet with Gray should be considered for the AC Market. All tracks are key, but other standouts include 'Lousiana Moonshine', 'The Roadie', which could be left-fielder, and 'Runnin' with the Wolves' The album was produced by Pettit and Kristin Wilkinson and recorded in Nashville. RPM WEEKLY Aug 29, 1994 'Dodie Pettit comes to country music by way of Broadway. Actually, country was an early love

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