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    Simple Ep Emperor Norton

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Review Text The sample-heavy, repetitious concoctions of Simplemachinerock play more like jumbled sonic experiments than fully developed musical ideas. Call it kitschy electronic art rock, and DJ Me DJ You (aka Ross Harris and Craig Borell) create music that sometimes gets overly ironic and distant. During low points like "Take Your Medication," a forced cuteness (especially during the synth-horn melodies) permeates the mix, leaving the track in an awkward state of humorlessness. With their relative spaciousness, the following "Vital Target Area" and "A Taste of Scandinavia" have groovier moments that make for much better listening, but Simplemachinerock is ultimately an uncomfortable ride. With some big-time producing experience and a more credible follow-up (Rainbows and Robots) to their credit, this debut EP amounts to Harris and Craig's most unimaginative effort. ~ Vincent Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Glassbong - 4:30
  2. 2. Take Your Medication - 4:23
  3. 3. Vital Target Area - 4:28
  4. 4. Taste of Scandinavia - 3:29
  5. 5. Robot Probe - 5:53

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