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    A (Jpn) Ki/oon

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Review Text A is an album of moderately successful techno beats surrounding one overwhelming track -- the retro-disco wonderbox that is "Shangri-La" (the single that became their biggest hit) -- so much so that most listeners may skip ahead to it again and again. And indeed, it's a terrific track, based heavily on Silvetti's 1977 hit, "Spring Rain," but, in a way, better: Here's Denki Groove's singing at its most pop, here's a terrific drum track, and here's all the extra instruments the original lacked. The rest, well, doesn't follow from where "Shangri-La" leaves off: The group's vocal contributions are mostly reduced to shouted chants. But bright spots abound, as well. "Parachute" has a mid-track shift that turns its techno attack into a spacey shuffle. "Wicked Jumper" is drum'n'bass slowed down and grown underwater. And "CATY Summer" gives Aphex Twin a run for the money. Certainly not one of their best, but will reward listeners who stick with it. ~ Ted Mills

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Wicked Jumper
  2. 2. Volcanic Drumbeats
  3. 3. Pocket Cowboy
  4. 4. Never
  5. 5. Parachute
  6. 6. Garigari Kun
  7. 7. Caty Summer
  8. 8. Asunaro Sunshine
  9. 9. Shangri-LA
  10. 10. Smoky Bubbles
  11. 11. Loop Zombies

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