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This inept horror film is a rare treat for fans of laughably bad cinema. From the opening flashback, in which a group of hooded cultists chop off a woman's hand and the obviously rubber appendage bounces to the floor, Macabra starts to amuse. By the time the action shifts to present-day Mexico, and the film's heroine (Samantha Eggar) has a discussion with a silver-mine worker as to the sex of a mine and whether silver mines get jealous, it becomes hilarious. The plot concerns the fabled "left hand of power" belonging to Satan, which possesses people's minds, forcing them to chop off their own hands until a priest (Stuart Whitman) turns back the evil. The most unintentionally amusing scenes involve the victims doing everything in their power to chop off their own possessed left hands. They roll around on the floor, put their hands under speeding trains, and force doctors to amputate them at gunpoint. Meanwhile, director Alfredo Zacharias films some explosions and many authentic ruins to promote the idea that Macabra is a professional motion picture. Even in its best moments, however, this film can only approximate a particularly weak episode of Fantasy Island. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

Product Details

Release Date
Vinegar Syndrome
MPAA Rating
R -- Restricted
1 hour, 19 minutes
  • Dolby Digital Mono
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Blu-ray region A (North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia)
  • Blu-ray region B (Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Greenland, French territories)
  • Blu-ray region C (India, Mainland China, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Central and South Asia)
  • English
Video Features
  • Alternate international version: Macabra (90 min)
  • New video interview with director Alfredo Zacarias
  • Multiple theatrical trailers and TV spot
  • Original artwork gallery
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