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    Toronto(Aftrclb Mx):Dubfi Global Underground
    1. Toronto(Aftrclb Mx):Dubfi Global Underground
    2. Toronto(Aftrclb Mx):Shara Global Underground
    3. Global Underground Toront Global Underground
    4. Global Underground 1103 Global Underground

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Review Text So for their 25th release, Global Underground recruited the dynamic duo once again to contribute to the long-running series. Two years prior, Deep Dish released one of the highlights of the entire Global Underground catalog with its Moscow mix, and now the duo has returned to pay homage to Toronto. And while they don't necessarily mix in any music from local producers, they've managed to capture the spirit of the city's house scene perfectly, complete with the atmosphere from the city's largest club (Guvermnent). The first disc kicks things off with an excursion into deeper territories of house music. Not exactly Naked Music-styled deep house, but nonetheless more soulful than previous mix CDs in the series, this ramps up into more familiar Deep Dish territory of darker, more tribal-house, hinting at the progressive house elements to come. The second disc loses pace with the ending of the first disc a bit, but still retains a strong dose of high-tech soul to keep things fluid. The back-to-back mixes of Paul Rogers' "Krafty" step things up a bit right before the mix is brought to an interesting peak with Maurce & Noble's "Hoochikoochi" and the Youngsters' "Break Them Up," a track whose inspiration sounds vaguely similar to the Underground Resistance classic "Knights of the Jaguar." It's a strong mix delivered by a duo that fails to perform anything less than outstanding. As a bonus, two separate discs were also issued featuring both members of Deep Dish performing "after-hours" sets. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Deep in Space - 7:32
  2. 2. Standing Still - 6:42
  3. 3. Kiss Me (Don't Be Afraid) - 7:44
  4. 4. Come Speak to Me - 7:06
  5. 5. Caliente - 4:17
  6. 6. Look to the Future - 5:32
  7. 7. Activator - 4:45
  8. 8. Help Me - 9:33
  9. 9. Kontakt - 5:48
  10. 10. Cool Kids of Death - 7:39
  11. 11. Operator - 6:37
  12. 12. In My Mind - 6:23
  13. 13. Cabaret - 7:15

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